That Was Awkward

A collection of some of our worst photos from our travels + adventures, because who doesn't like looking at bad photos of other people? It's confidence boosting. 

That moment when you realize your camera's auto timer is set up to take two photos... 

We're so sexy. It's hard to disagree.

It's hard to explain. 

I am completely unable to tell you anything about this photo (besides that it should never have been taken), because I am as clueless as you. 

Apparently we specialize in awkwardness. 

Post-swim selfie gone wrong. 

Because who doesn't go out into the desert to collect brush wearing pajamas and sneakers? 

Our next Christmas news letter photo... if we actually sent Christmas news letters. 

That accidental GoPro picture. You know you all have one. 

We were trying to get a jumping shot and I have no idea how we ended up with this. Like what the heck were we doing? 

This should probably be Outdoor Research's next ad campaign.